APTSL , providers of Community Transport Services with wheelchair accessible minibus or coach hire

Community Transport

Our Community Transport Service provides both individuals and groups of people with specialised, accessible transport. We are able to assist any community group or individual that require our specialist services, and currently we serve the needs of many and varied groups including:

  • Voluntary groups doing community activities, ie. guides, scouts, brownies, cubs etc
  • Schools with SEN children
  • Other social agencies, ie. social services, help the aged, mencap
  • Community groups for either the very young or elderly
  • Youth clubs doing community or educational activities
  • Over 60's groups
  • Disabled or special needs passengers requiring transport
  • Residential Homes
  • Sheltered Accommodation

    Wheelchair Facilities

    Specialised types of Vehicles for Individual needs We provide a wide range of vehicles able to accommodate all particular requirements.

    Below is a table with examples of some of the types of vehicle/groups we can operate, with a facility of carrying from 1 to 8 fixed wheelchairs, but all with a tail-lift for ease of access.

    Number of fixed Wheelchairs/ Number of passenger seats in vehicle


    Specialised, Accessible Transport Services for Individuals and Groups

    We can provide a variety of minibuses and coaches, which vary in capacity from 4 to 27 seats and will accommodate from 1 to 8 fixed wheelchairs. All vehicles are equipped with passenger lifts and specialised restraint equipment is fitted as standard.

    We can transport most types of wheelchairs. The vehicles are safety checked every six weeks in addition to standard servicing to ensure they meet the required standards.

    We can quote prices based on a single request or on a contract basis. Let us know what your requirements are and we can develop a program to meet them.

    Contact our associate company Orion Travel for standard minibus and coach facilities you may require.

    Passenger Care

    Service in the Community

    Many customers like to know about the company behind the products or services they buy. Here is where we will tell you about our company.

    Our Company History

    We have been in the transportation business for a number of years, and look forward to many more successful years. Let us put our experience to work for you.

    Passenger Care

    Our dedicated team of drivers and escorts, many of whom are volunteers, provide the service across a 7 day week, 365 days in the year.

    In addition to regular journeys, such as meetings, we can offer trips to:

    • the theatre
    • special events
    • sporting venues
    • coastal trips
    • day trips